With a big passion for any handy tasks I started as a freelance handyman in Berlin in 2017. A good side effect was that both my client base and later my team naturally started to grow.

Little Big Project became a big part of my life and I’m happy to say that I was able to create robust and reliable team and also that there is many and many happy clients over the years.

Being precise and customer orientated is for me natural way how to approach the work.

As a father of a little baby and another youngster I’m happy that we are meeting with the team not only for work but also for private gatherings and games. Some of them has also families with kids. With some of them we meet just for a beer after a busy day. This shows that we are a real team.

If you wonder who I am outside of my handyman job then the answer is very simply nowadays – my second big job is my family. My wife my son and our little and very quickly growing baby.

Photography is also big part of my life. I worked as a real estate photographer (instagram) and some time ago also as a wedding photographer. And of course did a lot’s of free projects.

I even worked as a sport news cameraman and editor. And something even more unbelievable is that I was a police officer in Prague. But that was relatively short period.

For the South Africans and Brits I was a griller at Nando’s too.

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