Check out our transparent pricing

Hourly rate

Applies for most of the small and medium projects and is charged per hour.

The hourly rate is 85€
This covers one hour of work of one handy person and is also the minimum that we charge.
If more people is working then we charge hourly rate for each person.

Travel / call out fee: 70€
This fee is charged for every visit to the customer. If the job is divided into multiple parts, the travel fee will apply to each visit.
Call out fee for second handy person is: 30€

Project rate

Applies for bigger projects such as painting, building kitchen etc. and it is calculated for the whole job.

Of course the costs are as same important as our expertise. If you are lost with the pricing or not sure how long the work will take get in touch with us, share your project details and we will give you free price estimation.

We can assure you that we are able to execute the work very fast. Every member of our team is well trained is experienced and equipped with high end tools.

All basic material such as screws, wall anchors etc. is included.
Any other additional costs will be consulted beforehand.

At the end of the job we charge the effective working time.

Outside of our office hours, including weekends and bank holidays, we charge an additional 25%.

We are using SumUp card readers. You will pay after the job is done.
A receipt is automatically generated by Sumup and sent over an email.

All prices are VAT included.