Dust envelope

Simple hack for catching dust when drilling into a wall.

Imagine this: You have everything ready – marked spots where you want to drill, sharp drill bit of the right size attached, drilling machine is in your hand. Now you can add one simple step to became a real pro – a dust envelope. What is that? A folded piece of paper taped to the wall just under the point where you want to drill that will catch the dust that would otherwise end up on the floor – making a mess.

Obviously this doesn’t work for drilling into a ceiling. There you can use this tool which can be used for horizontal drilling as well, but we recommend using the “envelope method”. Simply because it allows you to see the mark and control the drill position better.

How to:

  • take a piece of paper (a page of IKEA instructions, old newspaper, printer paper) and fold it slightly off the center.
Fold the paper
  • tape bottom half of the shorter sides together (the “corners”) to prevent the dust falling out. We recommend using paper masking tape.
Tape both corners
  • tape the longer side to the wall creating a pocket
Stick it with a tape under planned drilling
  • reuse it multiple times