BBBG – Basic Berlin Bulb Guide

What? There is not only one bulb type?
No. But don’t worry. It’s simple.

Most likely you will need one of those two bulbs with thread. It comes in two sizes. The smaller one is called E14, the bigger one E27.

Next two common bulb types are spot lights. Usually used as bathroom ceiling lights but you can find them in other places too. They are called GU10 and GU5,3.

Another two useful characteristic are strength and warmth.

How strong / bright the light will be is specifies by Watts. The higher number the brighter light.

How warm or cold light does the bulb gives is specified by Kelvins. It has nothing to do with the heat that the bulbs produce although this characteristic is called temperature. The lower number the warmer light (yellow, orange). The higher number the colder light (blue).